Newnoisearts is an online platform, which promotes and celebrates a diverse global creative community and embraces cross-cultural perspectives on visual arts. It has been set up by Sandra Erbacher to showcase and bring together artists from across the world to open up a shared space for dialogue, creative cross-fertilisations and future collaborations.
At its heart lies the belief that identity and culture are not fixed essences but fluid, lived, productive and contested sites of encounter and negotiation. It encourages artistic practices that cut across, question and challenge notions of race, class, gender, sexuality, age and nationality and is dedicated to practice and uphold art as a mirror against which we examine society, and an invaluable tool to move beyond boundaries and definitions in search of awareness, growth and the human spirit.

To celebrate and promote a contemporary art practice, which is marked by an innovative and experimental approach and is engaging with its wider cultural, social and political framework.
To provide a platform for and bring together artists from diverse social and cultural backgrounds; to allow them to present their work, engage in dialogue and open up a possibility for future collaborations.
To critically analyse current debates within the arts and offer a space for debates that explore and transcend the boundaries of established essentialist notions of identity and culture in terms of gender, race, class and age.
To support creative initiatives that enable local communities.

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