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Analog Africa Selection

This mix was originally done for The Wire Magazine Website. But not only did I want to avoid the mix getting lost in “the universe of data” after it has been remove from the Wire’s front page but more importantly I wanted you guys, who have been so supportive of my label, to enjoy it as well.

The week I was about to finish the mix I got a message from Julien from one of Europe´s best website when it comes to sharing our passion for worldwide dancefloor oriented music, asking me if I would like to send him a Mix for his site.

So I wrote to the Wire to make sure all is cool and we agreed that they will have it for a week exclusively and that Julien and myself will make it available later. The Wire kindly offered to pay me for the mix but I thought it would be fair to decline the offer.

The initial idea was to make a pure West African Afro-beat/Afro-Funk mix, as I guessed they wanted something that reflected what I was releasing but then, while selecting the tracks, I bumped into few titles from Ethiopia, Angola and Guinea that I have been enjoying a lot in recent months and decided to add them as well.

This mix is also an occasion to celebrate “the Vodoun Effect” Compilation by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou which was released in November 2008.

The mix contains a slower version of the Poly-Rythmo killer track “Se Tche We Djo Mon”

I hope you´ll enjoy it !!!