That effortless moonwalk, a pair of white socks, a single glove: these are the images that spring to mind when you picture the ‘King of Pop’. No one did it like Michael. The film This Is It revolves around his final days of rehearsal putting together what looked set to be an amazing show. With the help of director Kenny Ortega, the team worked very closely on trying to make every detail of the spectacle as amazing and unique as his iconic music videos.

Incorporating clips from old movies, Michael goes black and white, turning into a smooth criminal capable of fighting off 1940s gangsters, including Bogart and Cagney. MJ may have been in a league of his own but he was more than capable of showing his appreciation of other greats.

At first, they show clips from his rehearsals and what some of his dancers thought about working alongside the man himself. The small team working with Michael seems to be in awe of his presence. Who wouldn’t be when he rehearses the famous ‘Billie Jean’, one glove and all? With countless talented people rehearsing with Michael, he still stands out on top, outshining the others in an attempt to create the perfect experience for his ever adoring fans.

Even during the rehearsals you witness a genius at work. Conjuring magic with every song and dance move, MJ entertains with consummate ease. Working with the band, he shows a personal side which, if it wasn’t for This Is It, we may never have seen. MJ demonstrates the qualities that truly made him one of a kind. Ever the humble soul, Michael made sure he spread the love, saying ‘God bless you’ and ‘I love you’ repeatedly to the rehearsal team.

For every Michael Jackson fan, This Is It gives us one last look into what we would have enjoyed at his planned tour. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Michael live in action. Still, his music and memory will live on with the help of this latest installment. Michael Jackson will always be remembered for being the legend – ‘The King of Pop’.