Carlitta Durand has always had a deep love for music (Prince’s Purple Rain is one of Carlitta’s first memories of music, falling in love with every piano riff, percussion beat, and Prince’s indescribable talent and voice). Having been influenced by the greats, Chaka khan, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, TLC, SWV, The Gap band, Earth wind and fire, missy eliot, de la soul, tribe called quest, Carlitta has incorporated hip hop, funk, soul and r&b in her music.

Having worked with Little Brother, 9th Wonder, Nicolay, Tanya Morgan and Naledge amongst others, Carlitta intends to continue to make music and inspire people all over the world with every experience she goes through that turn into self-written songs. Carlitta writes all her own songs, her timeless jazzy, smooth vocals, will soon be heard worldwide. AND she has freed up the fantastic ‘Doug & Patty’ EP – a collection of tracks SO good we almost kept them to ourselves! (We do that sometimes you know!)

So download the EP here, and make sure to spread the word about Carlitta Durand

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