I remember when I first heard this tune – the beat almost leapt out of the stereo, slapped me in the face and had me skanking (at my desk) immediately – and I thought THIS is a tune that’s gonna last and last and last…until the first time i played it out, and people looked at me like I was crazy (you KNOW who you are!)

But I didn’t care then and don’t now, so 4 and a bit years later, I still play this tune from beginning to end with a stupid big grin on my face and drop two-foot behind the decks.

Play it once, twice 10 times, go out and get the album if you haven’t yet and big BIG up Omar for this one, amongst many many others

Oh yeah – WHY no video for this ‘It’s So’?? Hmmm It ain’t too late Mr Lye-Fook!

OH YEAH OH YEAH Omar at Jazz Cafe?!?!? Two dates in July here

And the title track from the ‘Sing…’ album



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