Black Einstein is both the musical pseudonym of London based producer Colin Emmanuel and the name of his new collective project. “Whatever Happened To Major Tom” is it’s Bowie inspired debut offering, available as a free download from November 15th from the Black Einstein Bandcamp

From the Black Einstein Collective it features the talented soulful singers Miss Baby Sol and Xavier Barnet and the MC skills of Mystro and Maseo from De La Soul.

You can pick up a free album teaser mixed by Mr Thing here

Built through friendships formed within the global musicians community, the collective centers around Colin Emmanuel (formerly known as C Swing) and builds on his previous solo release, Emmanuel – D’llusions of Grandeur .

Produced entirely by Colin (who has worked with a variety of internationally respected artists including Eric Roberson, Estelle, Jamelia, The Beta Band, Nate James, Sly & Robbie, KRS1 and Beverly Knight to name a few), the 5 song project takes Bowie songs and musical breaks and puts them into Black Einstein’s arena where Hip Hop, Soul, Latin, Drum & Bass and other genres are mixed together to an incredible effect.

“It Aint Easy” and “Fascination” are the Bowie covers reinterpreted by the soulful vocals of Xavier Barnet, whilst breaks from “Breaking Glass” and “The Secret Life of Arabia” become “Glass Ceiling” and “Arabia” which respectively see UK MC Mystro’s impeccable rap flow take charge. “Arabia” also sees Mystro teaming up with Maseo, Plug 3 OF De La Soul.

The classic “Space Oddity” is sampled and flipped for Miss Baby Sol who delivers a heartfelt vocal performance oozing with raw emotion, the end result being the anthemic “Common Ground”.