Arts 4 Human Rights takes place @ The Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London, E2 7ES

Arts 4 Human Rights presents a diverse and exciting selection of interactive workshops and performances, addressing key issues facing Europe today and featuring highly acclaimed, uniquely talented, and equally outstanding performers.

Coming together for the first time, and following the success of their respective festivals in 2010, Arts 4 Human Rights and European Alternatives present TransEuropa 2011; a free week-long festival which encourages audiences to consider topical themes within the unique space of Shoreditch’s Rochelle School, and the challenging environment of a London double decker bus on the move!

TransEuropa Festival is the first transnational festival of arts, culture and politics happening simultaneously in twelve cities throughout Europe. It is not twelve different festivals happening at the same time, but one festival taking place across Europe. Organised by a team of activists, curators, students, and young professionals from throughout the continent, the festival promotes the values of cultural and artistic exploration, transnational communication, and shared political responsibility.

A spectrum of artists from a variety of cultures and backgrounds explore themes pertinent to contemporary society. Using a plurality of mediums including film screenings, performances, talks, walks, and conferences, the festival examines issues of foremost importance for the future of Europe and European societies, bringing and building a transnational and trans-European perspective.

Arts 4 Human Rights presents the following performances:

Nell Phoenix, A Story’s Journey

Saturday 7th May, to leave from the Rochelle School at 13:00, to return from Brixton at 16:30

Nell Phoenix presents an interactive and exceptional storytelling experience within the unique venue of a London double decker bus, which is set to transfer audience members from the festival’s Shoreditch venue across the city to Brixton, where they will have the opportunity to engage in further elements of the festival; a journey within a journey.

First Person Theatre, Waystation

Saturday 7th May, from 14:00

Skilled, expressive and much-applauded, First Person Theatre presents their two-person headphone piece, Waystation.

An afternoon of live art and spoken word

Saturday 7th May, from 14:30

Diverse and exciting artists explore themes pertinent to contemporary Europe, from a range of perspectives, via a variety of means.

With artists including Inua Ellams, Zionite, David Dunn, Amelia Walker,Damian Le Bas, Keely Mills,Nancy Charley, Rebecca Leach and Ursula Troche.

Katherina Radeva, Fallen Fruit – Now Here, Now Gone

Saturday 7th May, 17:30 – 18:30

Inspired by the anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall, highly acclaimed performance artist Katherina Radeva presents a journey of love, childhood and freedom.

Sock Mob Events, Unseen Tours

Sunday 8th May, 14:15 pick-up

Arts 4 Human Rights is excited to work with Sock Mob Events, who offer an onsite pick up for one of their Unseen Tours – a fascinating perspective on London’s East End from trained homeless guides.

Inua Ellams, Interactive Workshop

Sunday 8th May, 14:30 – 17:30

The award winning Word and Graphic Artist offers the unique opportunity to explore contemporary social issues through this one-off interactive workshop; not to be missed.

Arts 4 Human Rights are contributing events to the opening weekend of the festival; Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May. For further information please see the Arts 4 Human Rights website