Pos Tapes is a Trilogy of mixtapes being created by, San Francsico’s own, BPos (Goodword, D-Wiz, Johnny Venetti) of One League Entertainment. ‘Dope’, the first single from Volume II, has just dropped, and the video for it is below.

These full length Mixtapes/albums are available for free download for a limited time (listen below).

Each mixtape features beats from one producer. The Beats for Volume One (Sept, 2010) were done entirely by Big Shawn (Bored Stiff). The Beats for Volume Two (May, 2011) have been done entirely by Tahaj the First (DrumDealerMusic). Aside from the featured producer, Volume 2 also features a large assortment of Talented artists such as Khafre, Spank Pops, SoundEarth, Gedeon, Akil, Equipto, Valentina Rose, Z-Man, Big Shawn, Seneca, Mazta i, Tahaj the First & Tess.