Vintage R&B and Future Soul will marry today, as DJ / Producer Applejac presents his EP, ‘Playin’ Favorites’.

With a string of leaks and teasers already on the internet, Applejac  promises to entice his audience with featured vocals by The Baldhead Queen, Tonya Dyson, Reggie B, Ramona, Rogiers, and Carmen Rodgers.

This talented Atlanta native has the innate ability to weave different genres of music together, and create a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic, yet progressive.

“It is my hope that with the release of ‘Playin’ Favorites’, I can expose the masses to my super talented friends and also educate the younger fans by putting a new twist on these classic tunes.”Applejac

 For information regarding DJ bookings, visit the Bandcamp or Soundcloud websites, where he frequently places his music.