Mark Thomas – comedian, WAYout patron and all round right-on geezer – ‘and friends’ will perform a gig for WAYout Arts at the Bloomsbury Theatre on Friday 4th November. Tickets are now officially on sale @ £17.50 here 

A word from MarkWhat is brilliant about their work is that Way Out Arts see beyond the narrow headline definitions of peoples lives. Why should someone on the streets not dream of being a musician or a playwright or a film maker? And more importantly, could they dream of this if the facilities were not available to them?

As far as I am concerned anyone who wants to create an arts centre for street youth is brilliant, especially if it is sustainable, self financing and essentially run by people in the community.

Worldwide Arts For Youth works in some of the most deprived areas and poorest countries across the world. Their vision is for young people from disadvantaged communities to have access to and take part in music, film, the arts and media, providing access to facilities, resources and training to allow young people to express themselves through creativity, and supporting them into further education and training.