London’s only free lunchtime Pan African family adventure chugs into the 2012 with a dazzling experience of Africa and the diaspora!

All aboard the legendary MWALIMU EXPRESS as the pull in to African cities throughout the year at Rich Mix on Sunday afternoons and bring you awesome music from around the continent – balafon, mbira, talking drum, molo, oud and kora are just some of the instruments to be featured live by the amazing musicians we meet at each destination. Plus your hosts Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt on the dex spinning the tunes. Come listen to the stupendous storytelling sessions, play Oware, the compelling African game of strategy, watch films at the Screen Station and join in far out family arts workshops.

On Sunday 15 January the destination is LAGOS NIGERIA, the city in which Fela Anikulapo Kuti created Afrobeat, lived his life , walked the walk and talked the talk of serious rebellion against the military dictatorships of his country, against global capitalism and against neo-colonialism . The red hot live music session features a solo performance from DELE SOSIMI .

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MWALIMU EXPRESS is brought to you by The Shrine