Analog Africa returns to Benin – a journey that began with the ‘African Scream Contest’ compilation – to bring you Le Super Borgou de Parakou, released on March 26th on CD with 30 page booklet and a Deluxe Double LP gatefold vinyl (mmmmmmm!!)


Bariba and Dendi linguistic folklore, alongside Islamic-influenced melodies, fused with Soul, Pachanga, Breakbeats, Rumba and Afro-Beat, Super Borgou’s sound has a penetrating and unpolished directness, blurring the line between the erstwhile rhythms of the devout village and the modern grooves infecting the forward-thinking city.

The raucously raw, Vodoun-inspired rhythms of Cotonou have confirmed Benin as a mecca of 70s Afro sounds and revived the story of its people, but the unopened vaults housing the country’s catacombs of musical riches are endless.

With this as their compass, Analog Africa chartered its fifth expedition to Benin, traveling far north to delve deeper into the obscured repertoires and tales of the Bariba and Dendi people.


Sticking with the label’s dedication to dig deeper with each compilation, Analog Africa’s “Orchestre Super Borgou” anthology opens an entirely new chapter of lost and resurrected Afro sounds.

Remastered to recreate the energy of their legendary high-octane live performances and accompanied by the signature full-colour booklet, the story of this remarkable ensemble and the traditions of the people of Northern Benin is set to be revealed and documented like never before.

Album Track-listing:

1. Gandigui (Bariba Soul) 3:05
2. Wegne´Nda M´Banza (Bariba Soul) 3:17 – Listen Here 
3. Me Ton Le Gbe (Pachanga Fon) 2:59
4. Abakpé (Afro Beat Bariba) 4:15
5. Guessi-Guéré-Guessi (Pop Bariba) 4:15
6. Sembe Sembe Boudou (Folklore Dendi) 4:02 – Listen Here 
7. A Na Gan Garo Ka Nam (Afro Beat Bariba) 4:25
8. Bori Yo Se Mon Baani (Pachanga Dendi) 3:50
9. Aske (Folklore Dendi) 3:30
10. Ko Guere (Folklore Bariba) 3:51
11. Abere Klouklou (Cavacha Dendi) 5:08
12. Hanoubiangabou (Soul Dendi) 3:08
13. Dadon Gabou Yo Sa Be No.2 (Afro Beat Dendi) 4:52
14. Bininhounnin (Dendi Boucher) 3:04
15. Adiza Claire (Cavacha Bariba) 6:09