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Radium Audio are a boutique Creative Audio House based in London. Their passion is scoring music full of emotion, and crafting absorbing narratives with sound.

We’re inviting applications from EDM producers with an interest in joining the Radium in-house team.

You’ll need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Advanced Production skills – you can make anything sound amazing
  • You’ve achieved Grade 6 Piano or above
  • You’re able to write and produce great tracks in a range of EDM styles (eg pop, house, dubstep, neurofunk)
  • You’re capable with outboard, hardware fx units & synthesizers and like to incorporate these in your work
  • Ability to edit and sync sound and music to moving picture
  • Advanced knowledge of Logic and Protools
  • Basic understanding of the principles of sound design, keen to explore these further

How will we know if you could be right for us? Its a gut feeling, a sense of chill when we hear the detail on a swoosh, impact, texture, the warm fuzzy feeling we get when the music’s just right, or the production on the beats just leaps out at us with utter clarity and punch…if we listen to your work and we experience that excitement, we’ll be interested in finding out more …

To succeed in our team you’ll very likely be :

  • easy to get along with, cheerful under pressure, and mindful of small team dynamics
  • highly self motivated, keen to be challenged, and totally up for being pushed to learn and improve your craft
  • happy to “muck in” and get involved wherever needed

How to apply:

  1. Prepare a private, passworded Soundcloud playlist set titled “RAD (Your Name)” so we can easily identify you with the work, containing no more than 5 tracks which should all be your own original material, showcasing your EDM production skills across different styles.
  2. If you have sound design you would like us to check out, up to 3 Vimeo links are fine, however this isn’t essential.
  3. Include 1 & 2 as links in an email, and write to Andrew addressing the points we’ve mentioned above that we want you to be able to demonstrate. Let us know what you’d like to get out of working with us, and what your salary expectation would be if we should offer you a full time position inhouse. Make sure all your contact details are at the bottom so we can get in touch if we want to find out more.
  4. Send it to “” with “EDM Producer (Your Name)” in the subject header.

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