“Meeting Tyrese Gibson in Westfield, London”

It’s mid-week Wednesday 7th November, its a chilly evening and myself and my girls are in our local Westfield shopping centre in White City. The last person we thought we would see, was Tyrese aka Mr “Sweet Lady” aka “Mr Fast and the Furious” but there he was, about to tuck into his Lebanese food in the food court.

As we said “hello” we politely asked the question, “so what brings you to  Westfield?” As he told us he was here to film the new Fast and the Furious 6 movie, I thought I’d cut to the chase and ask when we can hear more of his music, like “Sweet Lady(!)”….

He asked me if I have heard his new music and as honest as I am I had to reply saying “actually no, not really”. The next thing I know, I’m being handed the Ipad he’s using, with headphones, to listen to one of his songs from his current album “Open invitation”. He plays me his song ‘Best Of Me’.

Before I listened to the track I warned him I would always be honest and voice my true opinion on the music. He encouraged this as he always wants to hear feedback on his work. As I nodded my head along to the beat, I have to admit, the song is most definitely catchy and had me singing the chorus by the end of the it.

Tyrese then asked what I thought, I told him the truth. Now most people would sit there and probably praise his work as he is at the end of the day ‘Tyrese’ but its unfortunate (sometimes for other people) that  I am ‘Faiza’ and Faiza always tries to give an honest opinion, especially when it comes to music….

….the track was good but I will always love how ‘Sweet Lady’ allows me to listen to it over and over and never get bored of it. I know it’s a tough environment as these days the music, especially RnB music, has been infiltrated by techno and dance beats moving more and more away from the original ‘feel it in your soul’ RnB music.

His A+R ‘Gflowers’ mentioned they were trying to move towards making RnB the genre it once was and I hope it goes that way too. But we’ll have to wait and see…

Fast and the Furious 6 is planned to be released May 2013. Look forward to seeing it!

Signing out Dela 😉