‘Santiman’ is the powerful new album by The Creole Choir of Cuba on which they celebrate their Haitian roots. Recorded at Real World Studios and produced by composer/arranger John Metcalfe (Morrissey, Blur, John Cale, Peter Gabriel), it features freedom songs that have been passed down through generations of Haitian emigrants in Cuba and are brought to life with the Choir’s vibrant harmonies, lilting melodies and rich, deep Caribbean rhythms.
The Creole Choir of Cuba line-up on Santiman consists of Emilia Diaz Chavez who leads the Choir, Yara Castellanos Diaz,Yordanka Sanchez FajardoMarina Collazo FernandezDalio Arce LuisMarcelo Andres LuisFidel Romero Miranda,Teresita Romero MirandaIrian Rondon Montejo and Dalio Arce Vital who sadly died following the recording.
The poignant songs on the album – many handed down through their families and learned from their grandparents – vividly express a broad range of emotion in both Haitian Creole (a mix of French, English and West African languages) and Spanish. Stories about survival despite abject poverty and potent cries from the heart mingle with extremely humorous and celebratory songs about everyday life.