Applications are accepted for Artist residence in France – “le CouveNt” Program. The objective of this program is to promote contemporary artistic practices and the exchange between artists and co-creation projects that connect different creative processes.

Areas Covered-

§  Art Residencies & workshops

§  Musical Performance Coaching sessions

§  Concerts, Exhibits & Performances.

§  Sound recording sessions


§  The “CouveNt” can provide lodging for up to 20 people and working space for up to 5 visual artists at the same time.

§  The “CouveNt” also organizes Open Studio events, for the public to witness the creative process and work in progress of the artists in residence. The purpose is to provide the forum for communication and exchange of ideas.

§  Le CouveNt works with a large network of local professional artists (arts advisory committee) and technicians (sound, lighting) and it is recognized as the regional culture & arts reference.

§  Le ConveNt is also equipped with Wi-Fi & ethernet internet access. Computers (Mac OS X / Windows / Linux) are also available on demand.

§  Documents required-

§  an up-to-date CV

§  a residency proposal and its specific technical requirements -equipement, tools, support & working space features

§  details about duration and desired period

§  information whether applicants in contact with funding bodies or if they applied to grant programs to cover the residency fees and travel costs

§  any further information which might be relevant

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