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Inspired by Suede The Remix God’s flip of Shirley Caesar, we cooked up a refixed remix for the Naija foodies!

Available in Mens Women’s and Children’s sizes, on black, white or green tees, here

US customers can buy here via Amazon


A must-purchase produced by the guys from Madina in Brighton, available along with the Golden Era T-Shirt (below) is an A2 print and postcard, with “stamps” featuring some of the legends of Hip-Hop.

Madina have this to say: “A stamp is a distinctive mark or impression made upon something. The ‘GOLDEN ERA’ print honours the kings and queens of hip-hop who propelled the genre from humble beginnings in the block parties in New York to the global phenomenon we see today. So if you thought ‘most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps’ a few words of advice ‘Don’t believe the hype'”.

Check out the rest of the range HERE and make sure you get ’em while you can!

Jimmy Choo @ H&M

Ok, so for those of you who haven’t heard about the unveiling of ‘Jimmy Choo’ @ H&M, shame on you!! Well thank goodness Delarbouche is here to reveal all…well part of me doesn’t want to say so, reducing the numbers that will be queuing up for those limited pieces on Saturday 14th November 2009.  LOL!

Don’t get it twisted, it WILL be busy, so get your elbows ready, get that extra sleep and get there early if you want to get your paws on some of these lovely pieces. All together now, ooohhh, ahhhh….. Yup that’s what I thought.

Jimmy Choo @ H&M 2

Ranging from shoes, bags, accessories and some rather nice clothes, so be sure to get there on time.  It’s said there will be a ‘wristband’ system handing out a variety of different coloured bands to the ‘Jimmy Choo hungry’ customers waiting to get a glimpse of what’s available. Seeing as I’m planning to make it to an H&M store, I’ll let you know how it goes down and if I manage to grab myself some Jimmy Choo-ness!!

This collaboration also includes a men’s collection of shoes, bags and accessories, so don’t feel left out all you guys wanting to be involved too, join in, although somehow I see the women’s collection to be more in demand.

Jimmy Choo @ H&M 3

I hope to be one of the first 160 people in the queue so I get that much needed ‘extra’ time to shop. The bracelets are only needed for the women’s shoes, bags and accessories, there are no bracelets needed if you’re there for the men’s collection or women’s garments. So what they’re really saying is, the shoes are going to be the top sellers, so forget about the clothing and get straight to the elbowing! I mean, grab a shoe!

Also, be sure to check on H&M’s website for which stores are getting involved and if they stock that certain item you’re hoping to get, you don’t want to be one of the 160 people wanting to get yourself that leopard print pair of shoes, when they don’t stock it in that store. Shock horror! – Delarbouche warned you…

Click HERE for more info.

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