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Brand New Album released 29.08.17. Jones Brothers X El Ay x Roughs With The Smooth feat. AnyWay Tha God X Crossbone T X Joker Starr. Prod. by El Ay (Soundcloud X Bandcamp X Pre Order)



Joker Starr’s debut album Blood-Ren is released by Flukebeat Music on CD/DA 30/04/12
Meantime here is a taster of what to expect – and it’s heavy!

Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh man! Nothing like new music from Joker Starr believe me!

So the New Year sees a new tune in ‘Hip-Hop Transition‘, with the Flukebeat general speaking up on his Hip-Hop history and time in the game, whilst changing clothes more times that J and Pharrell (video below)

Produced by Jehst, with a video directed by HoodVideoShop, check it out spread the word and support the movement

Joker Starr’s Blogspot | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud Website

Check out the video below of Joker Starr’s intro to the Don’t Flop battle league as he takes on Prince Kong

The next Don’t Flop takes place on the 27th June in Clapham Junction (flyer below)

Check out Don’t Flop on YouTube | Facebook | Web

When we first heard about this project, we were like “Yeah ok, should be interesting!” But, still reeling off the Northborough Estate Project  album and a slew of live performances at the tail end of 2009, we didnt really think we were gonna see any parts of it until mid-year – we were WRONG!!

Today, we received the email from Flukebeat Music, downloaded the album, “pressed play” and from the Ringtro onwards the ‘Frazier Ali’ project rumbled on like a 2010-ton train driven by Joker Starr, transporting the greatest heavyweight champs of all time straight into our eardrum!

The beats smack of smoky-soul filled backrooms filled with old grizzled pugilists teaching young pups the art of stick and move…stick and move, and the audio inserts are perfectly fitted to the vibe of the album itself.

All of the songs for the album were produced by Daniel Niles and written by Joker Starr, with features from Dark Angel on the head nodder ‘Body Head’ and horns / piano shuffler ‘Victory’.

I defy you to listen to this album and not run down the streets gripping a can of “power juice” wearing a tracksuit shadow-boxing and chanting “Bumaye”!

The digital release date in 22/02/2010, but for now click HERE for a preview

Stand Out cuts: ‘Entrance Music’, ‘Body Head’ ft Dark Angel

Joker Starr links: Blog * MySpace * Reverbnation * Twitter * YouTube

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